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Michael G. Heller is a former academic now independent scholar who has lived and worked in 7 divers societies and enjoys exhibiting great books about society.

Readers of Social Science Files gain access to expertly curated writing of social scientists and critiques of social science. We explore societies comparatively, historically, futuristically, crossing sub disciplines of economics, sociology, politics, archeology, anthropology, geography, psychology, and law. We explore the structural determinants of change without losing sight of calculations and actions of people who drive society’s development.

What is Social Science Files?

It is a curation of writings about the science of society drawing on examples of outstanding understanding or description of society and its study dating from the 17th century until now, to show how scholars have interpreted the evolutions of society from ‘stone age’ to ‘machine ages’. It includes work that misunderstands or misuses social science and reveals the costs of not adopting scientific methods for studying society. I post the displays with little or no comment. The motto is Go To The Source. If the source is good it can speak for itself. A bona fide social science snippet is one with potential for deciphering society in multiple disciplinary dimensions. Arguments between social scientists or about social science are evident within and between posts. The focus is on scholars I find interesting, whose opinions I respect though not necessarily agree with, and whose writings can be presented in shortish posts.

This endorsement of the quality of Social Science Files was received by Substack and passed to me in Jan 2023. Stephen P. Turner is one of the world’s most important and prolific sociologists. He has been reading Social Science Files since April 2022.

Michael at his workstation [21 March, 2023]

Current location: This town in the Blue Mountains, Australia.

‘The Heller Files’, quality tools for Social Science since February 2022.

Social Science Files displays multidisciplinary writings on a great variety of topics relating to evolutions of social order from the earliest humans to the present day and future machine age.

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The science of society, the evolution of society, and the governance of society.


Michael G. Heller

PhD Political Science, Sussex; Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC); Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU). Author of ‘Capitalism, Institutions, and Economic Development’.